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Ground Disturbance for Supervisors Online





Course Description

The Ground Disturbance for Supervisors course is aligned with IRP 17 requirements; including worker and supervisory levels (level 1&2).


Our Online Ground Disturbance Course is designed for those individuals who are planning, supervising or otherwise participating in trenching and/or excavating operations. Participants will gain the tools and knowledge to safely complete the work and avoid a potential pipeline hit.

  • Save time and money with online training
  • Eliminate travel and accommodation costs associated with class room training
  • Minimize time away from work by allowing employees to complete the course online from home or during downtime.

Duration: approximately 3 hours, available online 24/7.



The only online Ground Disturbance course NOW Available!



Click on the image below to preview the following excerpts:

Responsibilities of Ground Disturbers Notification to The Facility Owner Multiple Pipelines / Facilities
Responsibilities of
Ground Disturbers
Notification to
The Facility Owner
Multiple Pipelines
/ Facilities



Course Outline

  • Responsibilities
    • Owners of Other Types of Buried Facilities
    • Responsibilities of Ground Disturbers
    • Third Party
  • Undertaking a Ground Disturbance
    • Actions
    • Notification to the Facility Owner
    • Facility Owner Response to Notification
  • Searching for Buried Facilities
    • Introduction
    • Multiple Pipelines/Facilities
    • One-Call Centres
    • Provincial One-Call Centre Listing
    • Non-Members of One-Call Centres
    • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB)
    • Municipal/Rural Utility Owners
    • Consult Area Operations Personnel - Company Personnel
    • Discussion with Land Owner
    • Company Makers
    • Visible Indicators
    • Saskatchewan 12 Call List
  • Permissions and Approvals
    • Introduction
    • Crossing Agreements - Written Approval
    • Ground Disturbance Permits/Checklists
    • Utility Right-of-Ways (URWS)
    • Road Allowances
    • National Energy Board (NEB)
    • Identifying and Marking Buried Facilities
    • Markings
    • Marking Limits of Job Site
    • Facility Markers
    • Exposure and Mechanical Excavation
    • Supervising the Exposure and Mechanical Excavation
    • Mechanical Excavation after Exposure
    • Excavation Using Hydrovac or Air Vacuum Equipment
    • Backfill Inspections
    • Contacting a Buried Facility
    • Corporate Policies and Permits
    • Corporate Evaluation
    • Environmental Awareness
    • Vehicles Crossing Pipelines

Course Completion

To successfully complete the course, students have 3 attempts to achieve 80 % or higher on the exam. Upon successful completion of the course exam, a printable certificate is issued. The certificate is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue. Wallet sized certificate included.


Course Price

$89.95 + GST



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